Greater Paris Area

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Paris - Greater Paris Area

Multimodal trip planner

12.2 million inhabitants / 41 million trips / 16 million on public transport


Our client wished this innovative experience for Greater Paris Area to be an inspiring model for other cities around the world. As a first in Europe, he wished a collaboration with car manufacturers to interface cars with all other modes and encourage drivers to park and use other modes more often.

This project also comes as a great opportunity in the perspective of the 2024 Paris Olympics. Our client wished to welcome foreign visitors and help them travel easily and efficiently in the Greater Paris Area.

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How we helped the Greater Paris Area


We helped our client integrate absolutely all modes, including on-street and off-street car parks (parking lots), and new alternative mobility services (free floating bikes and scooters, electric vehicles, etc).


We helped our client offer the most reliable mobility experience to its travelers by incorporating predictive information into its systems. This predictive data helps to provide travelers with outstandingly reliable travel times and real-time information, such as knowing whether there will be available parking spaces or bikes at their destination.

This predictive information helps also our client to optimize its service offer, such as offering riders a parking+transit incentive offer on days that the system identifies with certainty as being congested.


We helped our client interface cars with other modes to encourage riders to use other modes, through the creation of a multimodal GPS interfaced within car systems (including dynamic carpooling).


We helped our clients take better informed decisions to improve their mobility offer with our MaaS Advisor, by measuring the accessibility and the efficiency of their offer, the quality of connection between their different mobility services, and by helping them to adapt mobility services according to the populations concerned.


We helped our client provide new services to generate passenger loyalty : a Travel navigator, a Personal Mobility Assistant, Crowdsourcing to enhance the mobility database and the traveler experience, etc.



data / day aggregated & interfaced. The biggest mobility data store worldwide.


man-days spread over 3 years with 10-12 people working full time


partnerships jointly developed by IDFM and Cityway, and conducted with other PTAs, private firms, a public laboratory and start-ups

We work with car manufacturers on floating car data which will give us information on real-time traffic. We now offer passengers the opportunity to buy and validate paperless tickets using their smartphones. We also work with Cityway on predictive research issues.

Olivier VacheretHead of Digital Information and Services Department at Ile-De-France Mobilités
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