Le Havre

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Le Havre - The biggest port in France

FlexiLiA and LiA by night

Smart transport systems for mobility-on-demand services included within the transport network.


Le Havre is the biggest port in France. It has a vast industrial zone which accommodates 200 companies and stretches for 20 km (12 miles). Previously, the area was difficult to reach by public transportation, with the result that private vehicles accounted for 99% of journeys.

How we helped Le Havre


thanks to our algorithm which automatically optimizes the vehicle route in real time according to passengers’ requests. For our client, this live optimization helps improve the trip/mile ratio .


The accessibility of the service all day, every day, together with our easy-to-use digital app encouraged passengers to use the mobility-on-demand (MOD) service more often. The number of passengers per day doubled. We are one of the few market players capable of interfacing all types of MOD with conventional public transport networks.


With our FLEX service, we created a seamless transition between the conventional network and the MOD service.

Our solution allows passengers to book their ride as soon as they board the bus. They do not have to alight from their regular route to continue their journey on a MOD solution.

For passengers, it also means more departures at different times.


Our solution comprises three complementary and real-time interconnected interfaces (driver, traveler, client), thanks to an all-digital mobility-on-demand management solution.


We helped our client replace a mobility-on-demand service available 3 nights per week from June to October with a MOD service available every night, at identical cost.

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fewer miles a day


more departure times & more travelers

A big thank you to the teams at Cityway for the work completed on time and for a result that matched our specifications.

Geoffrey CARENATransport & Mobility Service Offer Manager

I started working at Bolloré in February; I was happy to see that there was a bus service, otherwise I couldn’t have accepted the job.

It’s cheaper than carpooling, because our employer pays for our travelcard. And you’re not dependent on anyone.

I book my seat in advance for the whole week. It takes me 5 minutes.

I use Lia de Nuit for my leisure activities.

To get home after a night out. Before LIA, I usually went home earlier or by taxi

When I work on Sundays and public holidays, I use Lia de Nuit. Before it existed, I always needed a ride with a colleague.

I book Lia de Nuit for Sundays, when I start at 6.30 am. There aren’t any buses at that time. Beforehand, I went by taxi.

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