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MaaS and passenger crowding management on the Astuce Network

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MaaS and passenger crowding : integrate crowding as a comfort and safety criterion for travelers.

Boarding a bus or a train without a struggle and finding a place to sit down, or travelling without having to stand in cramped conditions for much of the trip are things that many passengers can only dream of in their daily commute.

In view of recent events, these desires are compounded by public health concerns, meaning that sometimes, in some places, people can be fearful of passenger crowding. We want to change that.

By teaming up with Flowly, we enable PTAs (public transport authorities) and transport operators to closely monitor passenger crowding and, where appropriate, adjust their services.

And by incorporating this flow data into passenger data and allowing passengers to consult this crowding data before or during their trip, we allow them to select the journeys and services that they wish to use depending on the level of comfort and safety they wish for.

The Astuce network tasked us with introducing information on vehicle load ratios, available on the website

By modifying the web pages dedicated to timetables, we allow passengers to consult how crowding varies on their line during the day, and therefore prepare their travel in advance and possibly change their working hours.

In terms of how this is displayed, we show crowding levels in the timetable.

A dynamic web page with the next departures at a given stop will give information on vehicle loads.

How do we do this? Passenger flow information is collected from predictive flows provided every morning by Flowly. We then incorporate this information into our mobility solution so that it can be consulted by passengers.

We can also interface this flow information with our trip planner and make it visible in passenger trip search results. This gives them the opportunity to organise their journey as they wish by making even better-informed choices.

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