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MaaS and passenger crowding with Flowly

By 3 June 2020 June 10th, 2020 No Comments

MaaS and passenger crowding : Cityway joins forces with Flowly

Passengers are worried about the prospect of using public transport again.
One key challenge for public transport authorities (PTAs) and operators is to inform and reassure passengers through initiatives that will have a specific and immediate positive effect on their safety.

Cityway and Flowly have teamed up to create and offer PTAs and transport operators a solution to report and manage passenger crowding on buses and trains in the aim of improving social distancing on public transport.

This unprecedented solution draws on a database that collates passenger flow data from four complementary sources:

- Passive traces of passengers’ mobile phones in vehicles, collected anonymously, accurately and continuously,
- Passenger feedback obtained through crowdsourcing
- Feedback from drivers and revenue protection staff through digital interfaces,
- Data escalated by onboard systems.

This information is communicated simply and intuitively to passengers on their usual app and mobility website.

Passengers thus have access to more accurate, predictive information on passenger crowding. As a result, they can use their trip planner to find alternative route and timetable options to those with excessive crowding, thereby travelling in more reassuring conditions for their own safety.
Thanks to the combination of passenger flow data with waiting times at stops or the route connections possible, they can freely adjust their journeys according to their own efficiency and safety criteria.

This solution also helps PTAs to closely monitor the use of their services, understand them and be able to adjust them where relevant.

Flowly and Cityway’s solutions are already in place in many cities such as Le Havre, Grenoble and Toulon.

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